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Still stuck on S3? Let's fix that. We're launching a new way to store data. It's fast, secure, and decentralized.

Our Philosophy: No single provider should ever control your data

Welcome to

Decentralized storage
that works

Our mission: bring together 100s of enterprise-grade data centers under one global API service with simple, stable pricing and predictable perfromance.

Hyperscale capacity

A platform designed to rival the world's largest hyperscalers, with the control and flexibility only true decentralization brings.

Powered only by Tier 1 providers

Each point of presence in the network comes from vetted providers with the infrastructure and network required for enterprise grade applications

Built on proven, open software

We architected the platform around OpenStack Swift, the object store technology already powering exabytes of globally distributed data.

Secure, redundant storage

Erasure coding segments objects into smaller fragments, which are then distributed to multiple nodes spanning multiple providers.

Works just like you'd expect

Integrates easily
with your current stack.

Simplest possible API

The storage API is built on web standards and uses just five basic HTTP verbs to manage data: PUT, PATCH, GET, HEAD, DELETE. It's familiar and intuitive with no special SDKs required.

Works with your language and framework

Create and use containers and objects in Javascript, Python, Swift, Java, Ruby or any language or framework that supports the HTTP standard.

For web, mobile, or server apps

Read and write data from any internet-connected device including web apps, mobile apps, or server apps and scripts. If your platform can send and receive HTTP requests, there's a good chance it just works with our global storage.

How our platform works to decentralize your data

Step 1: Global proxy layer routes requests

At the top is a global fabric of proxy nodes that you can think of as the DNS of storage. Proxy nodes authenticate and route inbound requests and track the global state and location of data objects.

Step 2: Data gets segmented & distributed

As data is committed to storage, each object is divided into redundant fragments using erasure codes. This ensures any object can still be reassembled and accessed even when multiple storage nodes fail.

Step 3: Stored to multiple providers

Behind just one API endpoint, you are actually consuming & controlling multiple cloud operators. It feels novel in the era of proprietary clouds, but the internet was always built to be decentralized at heart—a common community of diverse participants.

Ready for anything

With your data decentralized, no single storage device, data center, cloud operator or even country can impact data availability.


Frequently Asked Questions

It's a new platform, so we're certainly expecting a few questions. If there's anything not answered here, please reach out to us and we'll be happy to get you some answers!

Why was a new decentralized platform needed?

It's just too hard to operate business services on volatile performance with volatile pricing, but business data is one of the most important use cases to decentralize! We saw a real need for decentralized storage built for production applications, something to match the predictable pricing and performance developers have come to expect from proprietary clouds.

Who's the team behind it?

We're a team of infrastructure, crypto math, and security experts who know how to build billion-dollar developer businesses, huge global open source communities, and high performance distributed systems.

Does it work with Web3 / dapps / blockchain?

Absolutely! You can even use a NEAR account for seamless integration with the NEAR Blockchain. Crypto isn't required, though—we want to meet developers & businesses where they are to expand the tent. Payment happens with a credit card and soon you'll be able to connect with a Github, Google, or Apple identity.

Is the technology open source?

Yes! The core of our storage platform is built on OpenStack Swift, which has been proven in production and we know how to operate at massive scale. What we're adding is full decentralization—one global API and read and write across multiple nodes from multiple providers. We will contribute all of our work on decentralization as open source, too.

Who are the providers?

Professional data center operators. We're building out the network by leveraging our existing relationships with cloud providers running OpenStack today in 300 data centers globally. Performance is our biggest differentiator—we plan to compete directly with the proprietary hyperscalers. We're building all capacity on advanced, high-grade infrastructure to match.

Can I run this in my datacenter?

If you are a datacenter operator who would like to participate in our storage network or offer decentralized storage to your customers, we'd love to talk to you! If you are a customer curious about running nodes in your own datacenter as a bridge towards decentralization and redundancy, we'd love to talk to you, too, as we research that potential for our roadmap.

Let's get you started

Our v1 launch is imminent with full support for production use cases. Secure a spot in line as we roll out global decentralized storage.

Pricing details
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • $0 to start—only pay for what you use as you scale
  • $0.004/GiB storage
  • $0.007/GiB bandwidth